Specialized Business Consulting

With over 25 years of industry experience, Phoenix Business Consulting, Inc. is able to address your specific needs in your local marketplace. The changes that are consistently occurring today throughout the world require companies to take a measured and prudent approach to issues that effect them. Having experience to draw upon with a worldwide working knowledge of the picture framing industry and acquired business acumen relieves owners and business executives of making decisions primarily on their own. It gives them the ability to be provided with a broad, practical knowledge base pertaining to a variety of business criteria which today is critical for maintaining a viable and profitable company. Today’s small business problems can become your business survival issues of tomorrow. Phoenix Business Consulting, Inc. can help with a variety of answers and problem solving processes for you.

Special Projects

From product sources to in-depth market analysis with insights provided through global contacts, special projects designed to meet specific company needs are developed. Single day assessment meetings with an information overview are provided prior with a complete post project evaluation if desired. The project is tailored to the specific needs of the customer and to their specific criteria and market. From field sales evaluations to compensation and performance review programs, Phoenix can tailor their approach to fit your needs.

Sales Training

Seminars of specified duration can be adapted to fit your companies training requirements. Strategic planning methods, territory evaluation, product needs, along with appropriate report formatting are available. Competitive reviews and collateral materials are available to help make your provide your staff a complete and confident level of industry expertise.


A custom newsletter is available on a bi-weekly or monthly basis to provide tips and information to help your staff and field sales personnel have pertinent and interesting brain food. Information extracted and condensed in a quick, readable format keeps all your company associates focused on the business information and issues that are important today.