In today’s global marketplace, product sourcing is more important than ever.  Relationships and contacts throughout the world are a strong part of Phoenix Business Consulting Incorporated's business model.  Working with and through these contacts, specific products can be attained while providing your company with the insight how to become part of the world marketplace.

With contact networks established through the years, products can be sourced and developed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia or the Pacific Rim.  Depending on your specific needs, the opportunity to work either domestically or through international sales channels are made available to you. 

Packaging and labeling requirements are provided with a complete program for reordering.  A conscious effort is made to select potential vendors and buyers based on a working knowledge of capabilities and individual personalities providing maximum results quickly and effectively.

The overall objective for this service is to establish unique, quality relationships that will be mutually profitable for all parties involved.  Phoenix Business Consulting, Inc. can provide programs and assistance to challenge traditional business practices and industry boundaries through product selection and innovation that until now have proven a difficult challenge to many business owners.  Contact us today to take full advantage of our product sourcing capabilities.